17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (2023)

Do you have to collect your parcel from the postman every time he or she delivers a parcel? Are you not home at that time and wish to know when your parcel will be delivered? A DIY Parcel Drop Box may be just what you are looking for. This photo gallery of DIYparcel drop box plans shows various designs that can be built to collect parcels. With the right tools and equipment, you can construct a parcel drop box like these ones. A parcel box is a simple and effective way to collect your parcels when they are delivered. It makes it easy for people to avoid having to take time out of their busy schedule to retrieve the items they have ordered from places like Amazon or eBay.

How do You Make a DIY Parcel box:

17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (1)

Making a parcel drop box is easy and fun to do. There are many styles and options on how you can make them, depending on your preference and budget. This article will give an overview of some of the important factors in making a parcel drop box and then provide links to some of our favorite kits or plans for making your own. A typical parcel drop box comes with a front door that allows you to open, put your parcels within, and close it again before locking the bottom door. This ensures that no one can steal anything from your front doorstep while also protecting small children or pets with whom you’re not always around! The boxes can be customized in any size and color, so they look great on any property.

You Can See;

Common Materials:

You can build your own DIY parcel drop box from different kinds of materials, but if you talk about the most common supplies to construct a drop box, then there are a few which are: To make a parcel drop box, you will need a few materials: plywood (4’x4′), hinges, door handle and latch, 2 bags of concrete, and bolts to hold the drop box to mount it on the wall.

Best parcel Drop Box:

A good parcel drop box can also increase security and lessen theft. You can even choose from a variety of sizes of these DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans to fit your needs and yard size. Sending a parcel where you are unsure of how it will be received? Pick the right parcel drop box so that your package arrives safely. You’ll need to know what size, shape, and style of parcel drop boxes are needed for the area near where they will be delivered. We’ve listed several ways you can create these yourself for a fraction of the cost! I hope this article helps you choose the best one.

How To Make A Parcel Box From Pallets

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If you are a beginner in DIY projects and you are looking for an easy project to start with, then making parcel boxes from pallets is a great idea. I am going to show you how easy it is to make one. Pallet wood always comes in handy for any woodworking project. In this tutorial, we use the pallet to make a parcel box. We start with a simple wooden box and add rustic details to it. The door was made from pallet woods and rustic roofing sheets.

Materials Needed: pallet wood, rustic roofing sheets, metal screws, and hinges. First, take the pallet wood and cut it into blocks according to your desired size of the box. Next, cut off the corners or make a wedge out of them (make sure they are all alike). Place similar sizes of the wedged pieces together so as to make a 4-sided box with a bottom from one side and a top from another side. Connect the blocks with metal bolts and nuts by placing them through each wedge hole.

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How To Build A Large Package Shelter

17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (3)

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A great way to make your store look more professional is by building a large package drop box. How to build a large package drop-off shelter out of the woods? This project will show you how to build a wooden box that has a roof. It is not enclosed but is large enough to accommodate packages and parcels. The base is formed by a wooden board on the ground, and the sides are made of boards fixed together at right angles through slots. There is no door in this design, but if necessary, one can be provided against thieves by bolting it onto both sides of the box.

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DIY Parcel Box Build

In this DIY project, you will learn how to build a parcel drop-box that fits in your garage or front porch. A parcel drop box is an efficient and safe way to send your packages. This parcel box is ideal for storing your parcels. The DIY Parcel Box can be used at homes, offices, and workplaces. This item features a lock that helps to prevent theft of the contents. Measure out the space in which you want this parcel box to go, cut out the base (using the measurements), and then assemble it by affixing all pieces using 3-inch screws. You may need more than one screw in each corner of every piece of lumber/plywood used to assemble it. Once fully assembled, install a door divider; this will allow you to lock up your mail when needed.

DIY Package Drop Box

We provide a complete package drop box package that can be installed in your home without any hassle. This complete package drop box is easy to install and convenient. You do not need to worry about thieves and intruders anymore because the whole thing is made in such a way that the packages will remain safe inside the small house until you come out and collect them. This is a simple and easy-to-build package drop box. The house can be made from pallet wood or even from any other material like wood or rope, as long as it looks like a small house. The dropbox is inbuilt into the house, and there are 2 doors, one opening inwards and another one opening outwards. So when you place your delivery on it, the box will rotate inside and drop into the basket placed inside that small house.

How To Build A Parcel Drop Box

With the right tools and materials, you can build this large parcel drop box. The instruction shows each step and every detail in putting all these materials together. In this video, you will learn how to build a large parcel drop box. The instructor used 2 spray paint and half-inch plywood. Together with small door hinges, screws, and impact drivers will create a bigger parcel drop box. The steps are easy to follow, and you will get professional results by watching this video. Watch how to build a parcel drop box that will last forever and save you time so you can focus on your business

DIY Parcel Drop Box For $55

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This DIY Parcel Drop Box is an easy and affordable project. Suitable for home or neighbourhood use, this box will provide a safe place to drop off your parcel rather than leaving it by the door. It comes in either 16x18inx33 inches and costs around $55.00 to make. The parcel drop box is a wooden box with a wooden base and an overhead top. The materials used for the box include water-resistant wood (cedar), eye screws, rod, corner brace, door hinges, hinge lock, waterproof padlock, drill, saw, plastic container, and bike lock. This parcel drop box is the ideal package delivery solution for your business. The compartment is designed to allow parcel delivery without staff intervention. Just attach an overhead rod and lock the box, so you can drop your parcel into the top compartment and retrieve it through a padlock placed on the bottom compartment.

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How To Make A Parcel DIY Drop-Off Box

There are many ways to make a drop box, but this one has been done professionally by an experienced contractor. This type of parcel drop box makes to sit in the yard or alongside a house or other structure. It has a concrete base that is buried in the ground, making it more stable and difficult to remove without tools. The box itself is made from wood, covered with plastic sheeting, cardboard, and velcro. For the best results, you will want to seal the top of your wooden box by painting it with clear resin before adding the inside layer of cardboard.

DIY Package Drop Box

17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (5)

This package drop box is the perfect solution for a small business owner who would like to offer doorstep delivery in their home. It is easy to construct and will be an attractive addition to your home. The frame has been constructed from wood, so it is strong enough to withstand regular use. Here’s how to DIY this package drop box. First, gather the materials and tools required for the project. Then, find a space for the box, measure it, and cut the wood according to these dimensions. Next, assemble the box frame using screws. Attach the door divider and fix the middle section to the box. Install internal slide shelf. Fix plywood to the sides and screw on top.

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DIY Parcel Drop Box

17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (6)

This parcel drop box is perfect to use if you have a tight entry and do not want to carry your mail or packages in the house. A simple box made from plywood, this drop box is easy to build using simple tools, and it can be made from leftover wood. You can even use it to store small stuff like keys, wallets, phones, etc. Moreover, you can easily place it in your home, shop, or office.

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How To Create A DIY Parcel Drop Box

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A diy parcel drop box is a small mailbox that you can install yourself in your home or business. It is specially designed for people who receive small things from online shopping. This guide will give you an overview of what parcel drop boxes are and how to build one. A parcel drop box is used for dropping parcels at a building. The recipient or a delivery person can make it with a locked door that prevents theft. It gives a detailed analysis of the process and what material you need. This is an economical way of providing security for your package in your home. The drawback of building one is that it requires some effort, but if you can create this, then it doesn’t cost much as compared to other methods such as courier or post office deliveries.

DIY Simple Parcel Delivery Drop Box

Dress up your home with this simple parcel delivery box. This parcel drop box is very simple to make, and it takes only a few minutes before you can use it. This simple parcel delivery drop box is what we can call a smart box. It is very secure because of the pin-locked door, which only allows access to the parcel recipient via their unique pin number. It is also great to have a small size so that you can place it almost anywhere and in a relatively hidden place for safety, but with instructions written on top of it about how to access it, this will make all the difference in keeping your mailbox clear and uncluttered.

DIY Delivery Box

A DIY delivery box is the latest trend in home improvement. The best part about making your own delivery box is that you can create one that will perfectly fit your needs. This particular DIY delivery box is made out of 2×4s, plywood covering the bottom, and a roofing sheet covering the whole project. Basically, this means you can customize how long and short of making it by simply adjusting how far apart the 2×4s are placed on each side. This particular platform has an open-grid design which allows users to easily add more boards later if they need to make it larger.

DIY Package Drop Box

17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (7)

When you spend time and effort planning a home improvement project, it can be frustrating when you have to turn people away because they missed the package drop-off deadline. With this drop box, you can better organize your packages while adding extra curb appeal to your property. It serves as storage for packages during the day and has a small slot for you to collect packages from when it comes up to your doorstep. The cedar pickets add to its rustic look while keeping some privacy on the inside of your house or business

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DIY Porch Package Box

17 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans (8)

With the DIY Porch Package Box, running a mailing business has never been easier! The parcel dropbox has 5 pieces; top lid, bottom, front and sides, and back. After cutting all pieces according to the cutting list available, it is time to assemble the unit. This product comes with simple instructions that make it easy for anyone to assemble according to the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. You will need to cut them out and assemble them following the instructions provided.

We are completely sure that you will be happy with this project. It is well-made, very durable, and can be used for many years. This drop box is suitable for outdoor use as well because it’s water resistant and moistureproof. The drop box also has some extra features like a lid that keeps the parcel secure and safe from falling out in case it gets too heavy or falls down from above.

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DIY Parcel Box

This drop box will keep your packages and belongings safe from any thief. Made from stainless steel, this strong box is a perfect locking system to protect any valuable objects you may want to hide in plain sight. The dimensions of this product are 18×18×21 inches. The door itself is made up of two panels, which you need to cut out with your jigsaw, add some screws, and then fold panels together to form an ‘X’ shaped door. A lock comes included with each box which can be placed on either the outside or the inside, depending on where you require more protection for your valuables.

How To Build A Package Drop Box

This package drop box is made from scrap wood and hardware. The entire project takes about two hours to build, with most of that time devoted to cutting the pieces. This project requires only three tools: a circular saw, jigsaw, and drill. Once you have these tools, you’re ready to start construction which involves cutting pieces from lumber and then assembling them together. Add caster wheels for added convenience. It’s a perfect solution for anyone who is tired of packages being delivered without the recipient being present.

Homemade Box Parcel

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Received a parcel and nowhere to store it? Make your own parcel box to store the parcel. Made out of reclaimed wood material, this box has a lid with hinges and a counterweight so you can fit large parcels. It also includes plans for mounting it onto a wall, allowing for easy access to incoming packages. The box is easy to make, making it the perfect project for any DIY enthusiast. The small size makes it perfect for keeping on a small front table or near the door.


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