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The United States is the world’s largest economy today. Hence, it makes sense for the United Kingdom to conduct business with this country and boost world trade.

The UK postal organisation Royal Mail has already been offering international mailing to the US. You can take advantage of its mailing options and send mail at reasonable rates.

In this blog, we will discuss how much does postage costs from UK to USA. We will also talk about all the different Royal Mail services you can choose from.

For example, you can use the International Signed & Tracked or International Tracked options for time-sensitive deliveries. Otherwise, you can opt for cheaper options like Standard and Economy.

Mailing Options and Postage Cost from UK to USA

It doesn’t matter if you need to send something to a large city like Los Angeles or a small town in Arkansas. Royal Mail allows you to send letters and parcels to all parts of the US at reasonable rates.

Most of these Royal Mail postage costs from UK to USA vary depending on the type of mail, size, and weight. You can calculate your exact postage here.

Find below the Royal Mail international postage rates UK to USA:

International Tracked & Signed

If you want to send something valuable to the US, this is your best option. Though it is also the most expensive option for international mailing, it offers an extra layer of protection to your mail items.

The delivery time frame for sending mail via Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed is 5 to 7 working days.

This option is fully tracked, offers peace of mind, and is one of the best options to send mail up to 2kg to the US.

You also get online delivery confirmation along with a signature on delivery. These features provide you with additional security and guarantee delivery that can add to your peace of mind.

International Tracked & Signed comes with insurance coverage of about £50. You can always buy extra coverage up to £250. Send a parcel to America with enough insurance coverage to compensate for your parcel value.

There are four types of mail items that you can send via this option: letters, large letters, parcels, tubes, and rolls.

Letters can include personal letters, postcards, greeting cards, etc. They should not exceed the dimensions 24cm x 16.5cm x 0.5cm. The cost of letter postage to the USA from the UK starts from £6.85. If the letter weighs between 20 to 100g, the rate increases to £7.85.

Letters weighing more than 100g and up to 750g are referred to as large letters. Their maximum dimensions are 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm. The postage for sending large letters starts at £9.75 and ranges up to £14.60. If you pay the postage online, you get a discount of £0.20.

Our next category is parcels and printed papers. The weight range for sending parcels is between 100g and 2kg.

The UK to USA parcel cost ranges between £13.85 to £33.20. You can bag a lot of discounts if you opt for sending your mail online.

International Tracked

In the International Tracked option, there is no signature taken from the recipient on delivery.

Though it may seem a little less secure, this option still has the other perks. It is fully tracked up to the delivery points, offers online delivery confirmation, and coverage of up to £50. There are also other services including free returns on all undelivered items and additional coverage of up to £250.

The online postage costs to the USA under the International Tracked option are 10% lower than before. Find below the rates:

  • Letters weighing up to 10g cost £6.75. If the weight ranges between 20g to 100g, the postage is £7.75. Please note that letters cannot exceed the dimensions 24cm x 16.5cm x 0.5cm and can only weigh up to 100g.
  • Large letters weighing up to 100g cost £9.65. If the weight range is between 100 to 250g, then the rate may increase up to £10.55.
  • The postage further increases to £14.50 for letters weighing up to 750g. Anything beyond this weight limit is considered a parcel.
  • The maximum dimensions for all large letters are 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm. Usually, magazines, DVDs, CDs, etc., are processed as large letters.
  • The Royal Mail postage to America for parcels via this option starts at £11.85 and goes up to £31.95.

Online rates are much cheaper than post office rates. Therefore, companies should consider paying their postage online and availing such discounts.

International Standard

This option is very affordable and still offers some benefits like free returns for undelivered mail and a £20 coverage.

Unlike the above two options whose transit time is 5 to 7 working days, International Standard can take somewhere between 6 to 7 working days. However, this 1-day difference is negligible as the rates are very low.

The maximum weight limit for International Standard is again 2kg. And there is no online delivery confirmation, signature on delivery, or tracking options.

All the dimensions for sending letters, large letters, and parcels are the same as the above options.

Find below the International Standard postage costs to USA from UK:

  • Letters weighing up to 20g only cost you £1.70. For letters that weigh between 20g to 100g, the postage rises to £2.55.
  • Large letters may cost from £4.20 to £11.10 depending on the weight range. Online prices offer you a discount of at least £0.20 on every rate.
  • Coming to parcels, the postage cost to America is between £9.35 to £30.45. The maximum weight limit is 2kg. The online rates for sending parcels offer a £0.30 discount.

Before sending anything, make sure to read the Royal Mail prohibitions and restrictions along with your destination country’s rules.

International Economy

International Economy offers the cheapest shipping from UK to USA. However, the delivery time is up to 42 days or 6 weeks. So, use this option only when you have a lot of time to get your mail items delivered.

Even after being the cheapest international mailing option, International Economy offers a free £20 coverage. It also provides free returns for undelivered mail. Make sure to write a return address on your mail items so that Royal Mail can return them back to you.

How much to ship to America using the International Economy option?

The postage for sending letters up to 20g is £1.45. Letters weighing between 20 to 100g cost £1.55.

Large letters weighing up to 100g cost £3.00 and those weighing between 100 to 250g cost £4.00. The rates increase to £4.90 and £5.90 for every additional 250g.

Sending parcels via the International Economy can cost you between £4.85 to £12.95. Remember to take care of the weight and dimensions mentioned by Royal Mail.

Sending International Parcels Weighing More Than 2Kg

Royal Mail does not restrict you to parcels that weigh up to 2kg. You can also send international parcels weighing between 2 to 30kg.

In 1990, Royal Mail launched a separate parcel function for sending parcels abroad. It was named Parcelforce Worldwide and has been in operation for the last 31 years.

Global Express

The first option falls under this service, which is known as Global Express. The transit time starts from the next working day for Europe, Canada, and the US. It is fully tracked and offers named delivery confirmation.

You can either request for a parcel pick up or drop off your parcel at your nearest post office.

It is one of your best choices to post to US from UK. The rates depend on the destination and weight of your parcels. There is also a compensation cover of £200.

Take care that your parcel does not exceed the dimensions of 3m length and girth combined and 1.5m length.

The postage costs to the USA from UK Royal Mail start from £54.65 and range up to £273.65.

Global Priority

Global Priority offers international parcel mailing with a compensation cover of £100 with tracking options.

Unlike Global Express, this option completes delivery at least after 3 working days. You can opt for parcel pickups, or book online and drop off your parcels to save £10.

The Royal Mail send to USA costs for the Global Priority option ranges between £44.80 to £224.95 depending on weight.

Global Value

If you want to save costs and are not in a hurry, choose the Global Value option to send your parcels. There is a compensation cover of £100 and delivery starts from 4 business days.

The lowest postage from UK to USA cost under this option is £27.70. It can increase up to £205.55, depending on your mail weight.

You can drop off your parcels at the local Parcelforce Worldwide depot or post office.

Global Economy

This is the most affordable Royal Mail service for sending heavy parcels internationally. There are no added benefits but you can save a lot on postage.

Deliveries are completed between 28 to 46 working days. The postal rates to USA from UK are as low as £24.70 and range up to £202.55 for the heaviest parcels.

There are various prohibited items that Royal Mail does not deliver to the US, such as toiletries, e-cigarettes, foods, and drinks.

Sending medicines and valuable items are allowed but you need to follow the instructions.

Other restricted items include live animals, meat, dairy products, edible fruits and vegetables, coffee, cereals, etc. Make sure to cross-check with your local post office before mailing anything.

Chemical products, fertilizers, wood articles, etc are also restricted.

Clearing Customs to Send Mail Abroad

You need to follow the customs and border protection rules to send something abroad. Fill out a customs declaration form and apply it to your package.

If you pay postage online, the customs data is sent to you in advance.

For sending items worth up to £270, use a customs form CN22. Also, if you are sending something worth more than £270, you need a customs form CN23 and a clear plastic wallet SP 126.

Such customs clearance is very important while sending international mail. You can get the above-mentioned forms from your local post office too.

Now that you know the postage rates UK to USA, it is easier for you to plan and send something abroad. However, make sure to consider your mail weight and the delivery frame before selecting any options.

PostGrid’s print and mail API can help you send domestic and international mail easily. So, you need not stress about paying customs duty or checking Royal Mail international prices.

Create, print, and mail your marketing and transactional mail with us. There are no minimum volume requirements or commitments needed. You can send your mail on-demand or in bulk as per your needs.

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